Shotgun Diaries

The Shotgun Diaries is a web series based on John Wick’s RPG of the same name.  The dramatic series follows survivors lives as they pass through a safe haven during the Zombie Apocolypse, all recording their stories in a shared diary.

Neal Fischer of Davis Films produced the first two episodes, “True Love” and “Soccer Mom”.

While the first episode is nearly completed, no release date has been mentioned.  Aside from the series and RPG, there has been talk of expanding the concept into a graphic novel and video game.

At the moment, The Shotgun Diaries doesn’t have an official website.  You can follow SD on twitter by clicking here.  You can visit their facebook page by clicking here.  For more information regarding any facet of the SD work, you can visit creator John Wick’s blog, The Tao of Zen Nihilism by clicking here.