Dumbass Filmmakers!

Dumbass Filmmakers! is a new webseries from Fatelink Productions.  Created by ambitious duo, Hunter Lee Hughes and Elizabeth Gordon, the first season has begun it’s online release. New episodes will air weekly.  You can watch them below or check them out at dumbassfilmmakers.com as well as Fatelink’s channel on YouTube.

Watch all the episodes from the series playlist:

Harrison deWinter (Hunter Lee Hughes) just knows his movie will inspire others to save the environment, protest injustice and embrace bisexuality. But when it comes to actually making the movie, Harrison can’t depend on his quixotic imagination alone. He turns to Vicki Moretti (Elizabeth Gordon), an organized but lonely young woman who only wants to produce the movie to fill a void in her love life.  Harrison feels confident that with Vicki in place, his artistic vision will soon materialize. But unexpected obstacles arise when Vicki fights tooth and nail to prevent vulnerable rising star Bobby Tulane (Justin Schwan) from clinching the lead role he so earnestly deserves. After all, Bobby is the only person who even understands Harrison’s movie, making him that much more exciting to Harrison and that much more of a threat to Vicki’s insecurities. Caught in the middle is their mischievous casting director Scott Fleischman (Jimmy Q. Dinh), who hopes to somehow turn his casting experience into a profitable one.

-Taken from Dumbassfilmmakers.com

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