Tumble Dry

When new neighbors, Katie and Becky, meet over laundry, they hit it off right away. The two twenty-somethings have a lot in common, including boyfriends that leave something to be desired. Katie invites Becky and her boyfriend over for a few drinks and some pleasant conversation. Later that night, Becky and Brian arrive with a bottle of wine. When Katie introduces her boyfriend, Mike, to their new neighbors, Katie realizes why Becky seemed so familiar. Tempers rise as Mike and Becky explain that they are ex’s from a particularly nasty break-up. Over the next few days, the couples fight to show each other how much happier they are with their respective mates, especially in the bedroom. Neither pair will give up, resorting to moaning in pleasure while completing chores around the house. Things escalate to a physical brawl, where the couples realize it may be easier to just get along. After all, some new neighbors are moving in… and they look a little familiar.

Tumble Dry is a short film produced by MORE Productions. Visit the Tumble Dry IMDB Page for more information.


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