Ditching Party

Aidan Lansing is a pretty lucky guy. He’s the quarterback of the football team, the most popular guy in school, and girls love him. As if that weren’t enough, he’s also just inherited his own house next door to Lysandra, a beautiful college girl. With graduation just around the corner and college over the horizon, things seem to be looking pretty good for Aidan. Unfortunately, things get a little more complicated when Elijah, Aidan’s best friend and Mathlete, tries to impress Lysandra by telling her that Aidan is a student at SC, and invites her and her friends to a “college” party at Aidan’s new pad. Suddenly, Aidan is hosting a party filled with High School nerds, valley girls, frat boys, greasers, strippers, and stoners. Add a set of overprotective parents and an insane truancy officer and what could possibly go wrong? What’s better than a Ditching Party on a Saturday to win over the girl of your dreams?

Ditching Party is produced by D-Street Films and MORE Productions. The film is nearly complete and will be seeking distribution. Visit the Ditching Party IMDB page for more information.