‘Brutality’ to be produced

Last night I signed a contract with D-Street Films for the licensing of “Brutality”.  As long as everything goes as expected, the film should be going into production shortly.

Likely, Demetrius Navarro will direct.  Tiny Lister will be playing Jermaine, a badass, almost supernatural killer.  It looks like Eric Roberts will be coming in to play Earl, another important antagonist in the film.

Production will take place in the city of Detroit.


Back in July, I quickly wrote a horror feature specifically for Tiny Lister. While it looked like there might not be a future for the script, Tiny has now seen the treatment, and we will hopefully be meeting in January. “Brutality” is best described as a cross between The Hills Have Eyes, SAW, and a slasher like Friday The 13th.  I’ll update as they come in.