Jared Winkler is a SAG-AFTRA actor based out of Chicago.  He recieved his degree from the School of Theater at Illinois State University. Besides acting, Jared is also a freelance writer and produces and animates for his own company, Winky Dink Media and produces for MORE Productions, along with longtime friends Enrico Natale, Ricky Rodriguez , Mershad Torabi, and Mike Schmueck.

For writing, producing, or animating inquiries, you can contact Jared at:

                                                    email:    jaredwinkler@gmail.com

                                                    phone:   (323)739-4406

Watch Jared’s Short Reel:

Watch Jared’s “No Names” Reel:

Watch Jared’s reel, which includes footage from Never Have I Ever and Ditching Party: