Shotgun Sandwich and Kartoon Management Releases!

So, Shotgun Sandwich Entertainment released an animated short today that I had the pleasure of helping out on:

Also, Kartoon Management released episode 4 of Barry Tales:


YouTube, GTA Cartoon, and Barry Tales

Winky Dink Media has had a great few months of growth on YouTube, with nearly 3 million views and 3,500 Subscribers.  Check out the YT page to see what all the fuss is about.

Also, Jon Canham, a good friend, and owner of the Middle Distance Productions just created a Grand Theft Auto cartoon pilot that I voiced along with Jon and Lionel Richardson.  Check it!

Also, speaking of Lionel… The super talented creator of the YT famous “Jay’s LIfe” just started his newest creation, “Barry Tales”, Which I was lucky enough to get involved with. New episode should be out this Tuesday.